24 hour Call-Center service

Operators of our Call - Center provide information on discounts in our partner companies and our club. The Call - Center also provides assistance to members of the club to eliminate vehicles’ incidents.

24 hour assistant service

Concierge and call-center services are supplemented with assistant service. In addition to information provision to this package owners, operators can book services, tickets, make restaurant reservations and etc.

24 hour "Concierge" service

Call-center service is supplemented with concierge service, which includes provision of information of wide range to the club members. Maximum within 20 minutes after a member's

Services of Driver

Driver provision services include: Driving car to the car-wash, technical inspection, for oil change or to the auto-service. After the call is received, driver accepts car of the club member based on the acceptance-delivery certificate, drives to take appropriate services, and after the completion returns car to the club member based on execution of the relevant acceptance-delivery certificate as well. Number of driver services is determined by the total number of evacuations and technical assistance defined by the card terms.

Technical assistance

Free technical assistance of vehicles on the roads throughout Georgia. Club offers the following technical services:

  • Start the car;

  • Inflation of tires;

  • Repair tire with rope;

  • Repair tires with foam;

  • Replacement of tires;

  • Replacing of fuses;

  • Opening of locked car;

  • Fuel delivery service

  • Repair of the fuel pipe collar;

  • Start the car with a diesel engine using a spray;

  • Treatment of frozen door and locks with special liquid and their unlocking;

  • Repair of radiator pipe with sleeve;

  • Repair of radiator with liquid plastic or liquid metal;

  • Stopping of radiator fluid leak;

  • Cleaning electrical contacts with spray;

  • Temporary repairs of high voltage wiring;

Vehicle evacuation

Evacuation is carried out throughout Georgia. Acceptable number of uses of the tow truck and the final mileage is determined by the type of card.

To the owners of "Black" card, we will provide a spare car to the place of destination.